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Mobile Brake Repair and Replacement in Santa Barbara, California 

AIS Service is a mobile automotive repair company in Santa Barbara, California. Our mobile mechanics provide superior auto repairs throughout Santa Barbara, Montecito, El Capitan State Beach, Goleta and Carpinteria, California.

Most people know that when their brakes make noise or are having a hard time stopping, they are going to need brake work. A lot of times people will report a weird noise when hitting their brakes. AIS gets under the car, diagnoses whether or not they'll need front or back brakes or a combination of the two.

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Offering free quotes you will know what we need to do, and have an accurate estimate. We do not aim to deliver a mediocre service. When it comes to brake repair and brake replacement services it is important to diagnose to see if it's not something else like the brake system master cylinder; which I can also repair.

Quick, Efficient Service.

Fixing your master cylinder takes less time to repair than replacing brakes. When most people say they hear a grinding noise (which is really bad), or a squeaking noise it is a clear indication you will need to get new brakes soon. If your vehicle won't stop; a wheel cylinder could have blown out. What this means is that your brakes have been worn down so far that the piston has completely pushed itself out and become a much worse repair.

You might need a new brake caliper. The sooner you get the problem addressed, the more likely the repair will be cheaper. The longer you let your brakes make noises, the more damage you can do to the rest of your vehicle. If there is a leak or a hole in the system we can bleed the hydraulic systems which might be sucking air in there. When this happens we will need to bleed the air out of the system or in worst cases the brake line will need replacing as well.

We are here to help with every aspect of your brake system. Complete brake system repair and replacement rotors, pads, calipers, brake lines (rubber or metal), drum brakes in the rear, replace the brake shoe, wheel cylinders, brake drum, Combi-kit which has a combination of metal parts, brake master cylinder, brake booster and more.

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