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Mobile Mechanic and Alternator Replacement in Santa Barbara, California 

You’re driving. Your car rolls to a dead stop and you can’t get it started. In the middle of nowhere your stress levels increase. AIS Service in Santa Barbara, California offers superior mobile auto repair and alternator replacement services.

Don’t let yourself get into this situation. If your headlights are dimming and your engine won’t turn over it might be your car battery or alternator. Both parts can cause similar situations. If your car’s battery dashboard indicator illuminates, it may actually mean “check alternator” or “replace alternator.”

Nobody expects to have alternator crisis. Cheap alternators can cause just that.

When having your car serviced in the shop, buy the best alternator you can afford. Consider the alternator cost as part of proper maintenance of your vehicle. It will save you money in the long run. It will solve many of your problems. When it doesn’t, call AIS Service for roadside mobile auto repair.

Our mobile mechanic can come to your aid with parts to fix your broken alternator. We can relieve your alternator problems and provide you with a brand new alternator if repair is not an option. With one call, our mobile alternator replacement technician will be on the way to provide assistance. We will show up quickly to fix or to offer complete alternator replacement.

We are specialists when it comes to alternator problems. If a bad alternator is the cause of your breakdown, don’t worry. We’ll get you rolling again. Call (805) 334-3031.